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  • Daryl Koopersmith 8:34 pm on April 23, 2009 Permalink

    Hey everyone, I’m Daryl Koopersmith fr… 

    Hey everyone,

    I’m Daryl Koopersmith from New York, NY (GMT -04) and I’m going to be working on creating a theme framework/editor with Beau Lebens as my mentor.

    I’m currently a sophomore computer science major at Washington University in St. Louis. I’ll be in France (GMT +02) for about two weeks at the start of the summer, but will still be accessible (and working, at that). You’ll find me on IRC as koopersmith (creative, I know) and gtalk as daryl.koopersmith at gmail. This is my first GSoC, and I’m excited to start working with all of you!

    • Beau 8:36 pm on April 23, 2009 Permalink

      Ah good to see you got access sorted out Daryl, and I’m looking forward to working with you!

  • Noël Jackson 7:13 am on April 23, 2009 Permalink

    Hey everyone! I’m Noel Jackson from Det… 

    Hey everyone! I’m Noel Jackson from Detroit, Michigan (GMT -04) and I’ll be co-mentoring with Mark on extending WordPress’ photo handling.

    I work for Automattic as a designer and developer. Before that I mostly designed web things, but more closely related to this project I worked in the photography post production business for a while, running my own retouching studio (we worked with vogue, vanity fair, and all types of big publications). Photography is a huge passion of mine and I’m really excited to see the media/photo component of WordPress blossom as the summer goes on.

    • Rudolf Lai 12:28 am on April 25, 2009 Permalink

      Hey, Nice to finally meet you. Do you mind giving me your gtalk or skype?

  • Mark Jaquith 8:03 am on April 22, 2009 Permalink

    <?php _e('Howdy'); ?> ever… 

    <?php _e('Howdy'); ?> everyone! I’m Mark Jaquith from Florida (GMT -04). I’m going to be mentoring Rudolf Lai on making WordPress a photo publishing powerhouse.

    I’m one of the core WordPress developers, and I earn my living doing WordPress consulting/development at Covered Web Services. Photography is my hobby, but I’d like to have more ownership and control over how my photos are displayed on the web. WordPress is evolving beyond just the written word… it’s becoming a hub for all your online presences and content.

  • anthonycole 5:30 am on April 22, 2009 Permalink

    Kia Ora Everyone, My name’s Anthony Co… 

    Kia Ora Everyone,

    My name’s Anthony Cole and I’m from a small corner of the South Pacific we like to call New Zealand. I’m originally from the Silicon Valley area, but moved to Australia for my last year of high school and somehow found my way here (long story). Should also mention that I’m GMT+12.

    I am currently studying a foundation course for Health Science at the University of Otago on the South Island and will be doing a course in medicine either here or at the University of Sydney next year.

    I am a freelance web developer on the side at http://freshpacific.co.nz (which has been severely neglected, thus the blank directory). I do theme development and plugin development as well as everything in general.

    I am going to be working on the Event Management Suite with Jake Spurlock. We’re going to hopefully be using it to orchestrate WordCamp NZ in Wellington, and, time permitting, for WordCamp Australia later this year.

    I’m really excited to be able to participate in GSoC and can’t wait to see what the final product of all our hard work is going to be.

    You probably see me in IRC occasionally as lightbook if any of you frequent it.

  • mike 3:39 am on April 22, 2009 Permalink

    Hey Everyone, I am Micheal Benedict Aru… 

    Hey Everyone,

    I am Micheal Benedict Arul from Mumbai, India (GMT +5.30). I am currently pursuing engineering in Information Technology (B.E IT) and will be graduating this year. This is the first time I had applied for Google Summer of Code, and am really glad to be selected and very excited to be a part of the WordPress Team.

    I along with my mentor Andrew Ozz, we`ll be working on “Theme Framework/Scratchpad/Editor” to help the WordPress users, i.e newbies and professional alike to design and create themes of their choice easily and deploy ’em.

    I have a blog/portfolio website at http://www.visionmasterdesigns.com. I am a freelancer. I do Web Design/development and Deployment in PHP, Ruby on Rails(wish WordPress was for the RoR community too), also I have worked on a number of custom themes for wordpress, created a plugin and modified numerous other plugins (all credits go to the respective plugin authors :)).

    Prior to GSoC, I was engaged on developing my own Web Framework in PHP called “Innovite” which is based on the MVC architecture, the code is not yet released. This framework powers my web based Project Management System called “OptimaPrime” and also powers a number of my clients websites.

    I am looking forward to a lot of coding and a great time here at SoWP.

    Micheal (a.k.a Mike)

    EDIT : BTW this theme is really cool and great. Haven`t seen something like this around.

  • Beau Lebens 12:11 am on April 22, 2009 Permalink

    Hi everyone, Beau Lebens here. I’m in S… 

    Hi everyone, Beau Lebens here. I’m in San Francisco (PDT — GM T-7) and will be mentoring Daryl Koopersmith, working on a Theme Framework/builder of some sort. We’ve got some work to do, figuring out the exact scope of the project still. We started chatting today on IRC so it’ll be good get things happening properly.

    I’m from Australia originally, but have been here in SF for 4 years now. I’ve worked on a number of custom themes and different WordPress project, plus wrote the new LiveJournal importer. I’m looking forward to seeing how this all goes since this is the first time I’ve been involved in GSoC (so we’re in this together Daryl!)

  • Dan Larkin 9:24 pm on April 21, 2009 Permalink

    I’m Dan Larkin from Illinois, US (UTC -… 

    I’m Dan Larkin from Illinois, US (UTC -5 for the duration of GSoC, good old DST!). I’m currently finishing up my second year studying computer science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. It’s great to be back and working with WordPress for another summer. I’ll be implementing MPTT this time around with Ryan Boren as my mentor.

  • diegocaro 9:22 pm on April 21, 2009 Permalink

    Hi for all, I’m Diego Caro from Concepc… 

    Hi for all, I’m Diego Caro from Concepción, Chile (GMT -4).

    I study computer science in University of Concepción (http://www.udec.cl), and this year I present my thesis. I work in the laboratory of Artificial Intelligence at the same university, in some projects (pattern recognition, artificial vision, etc.).

    These months (your summer, my winter [I live in South America]) I will be in class (because in Chile the first middle of the academic year begins in March and end in June, and the second middle of year begins in August and ends in December), also I will be learning english.

    My mentor is Thorsten, and I work on MPTT for store a lot of categories and pages.

    For any contact, my blog is http://diego.bloog.cl and my email is diegocaro at gmail punto com (for msn and gtalk). My username in twitter is @diegocaro .

    I hope that it’s a good time for learning and contributing to the WP.


    • saddor 9:42 pm on April 21, 2009 Permalink

      Hey fellow! It’s really nice to see someone who speaks Spanish around here!

      • diegocaro 9:49 pm on April 21, 2009 Permalink

        Yeah!, It’s really goooood :).

    • diegocaro 9:53 pm on April 21, 2009 Permalink

      Mmm my freelance project is http://www.deletras.cl , a website of lyrics, music and video, coded with CakePHP.

      Bye 😉

    • Thorsten 7:05 am on April 22, 2009 Permalink

      Hey Diego, looking forward to work with you. I think we will have some coding fun together.

  • César D. Rodas 9:17 pm on April 21, 2009 Permalink

    Hello, this is César Rodas from Paragua… 

    Hello, this is César Rodas from Paraguay, GMT -4. Very exiting to be here for the second time.

    This year I’m going to work with to implement some social algorithm and text categorization for Buddypress.

    My mentor are Andy Peatling and Alex Shiels.

    Currently I’m studying Computer Programming at the Universidad Nacional de Asunción (www.una.py).

  • Justin Shreve 7:07 pm on April 21, 2009 Permalink  

    Hi everyone! I’m Justin Shreve from Ohi… 

    Hi everyone! I’m Justin Shreve from Ohio, United States (Time zone: Eastern: UTC-5/-4).

    I’m still a senior in high school but will be graduating in a little over a month. I will be attending Kent State University (http://kent.edu) for computer science in the fall.

    My mentor is Andy. We will be working on on the search engine. Our project will allow users to swap out different search engines (mysql full text, sphinx, google, etc) to power the search on their blogs. In addition the search will also allow searching of other content types and flags such as searching in category A for a certain string.

    My freelance website is up at http://serenelabs.com and I plan on blogging here at my WordPress.com blog.

    With that said, I can’t wait to get started!

    • Jane Wells 7:16 pm on April 21, 2009 Permalink

      Welcome, Justin! Will you be able to attend WordCamp Columbus on May 16? It would be great to meet you in person. Noel Jackson and Nick Momrik from Automattic will be there (and so will I).

      • justin 7:22 pm on April 21, 2009 Permalink

        I would love to but I’ll be out of town and in New York May 14-18th for a wedding. Is there any other dates close by coming up?

    • Jake Spurlock 9:03 pm on April 21, 2009 Permalink

      I love the premise for this project. Good luck on it.

      • justin 12:05 am on April 22, 2009 Permalink

        Thanks! I hope the event project with Anthony goes well too!

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