Hi for all, I’m Diego Caro from Concepc…

Hi for all, I’m Diego Caro from Concepción, Chile (GMT -4).

I study computer science in University of Concepción (http://www.udec.cl), and this year I present my thesis. I work in the laboratory of Artificial Intelligence at the same university, in some projects (pattern recognition, artificial vision, etc.).

These months (your summer, my winter [I live in South America]) I will be in class (because in Chile the first middle of the academic year begins in March and end in June, and the second middle of year begins in August and ends in December), also I will be learning english.

My mentor is Thorsten, and I work on MPTT for store a lot of categories and pages.

For any contact, my blog is http://diego.bloog.cl and my email is diegocaro at gmail punto com (for msn and gtalk). My username in twitter is @diegocaro .

I hope that it’s a good time for learning and contributing to the WP.