Welcome to the WordPress Summer of Code …

Welcome to the WordPress Summer of Code blog. While each student has a primary mentor with whom he will be in direct communication, there are a number of backup mentors who are available to brainstorm with you, troubleshoot problems, suggest approaches and give feedback on your code. By posting about those things here, all the backup mentors can keep track of issues that come up, and can pitch in to help sooner rather than later. You can post both longer questions and twitter-like snippets as desired.

Responses by mentors will be left in threaded comments here. Students may also comment on each other’s posts and help each other. Collaboration = good.

In addition, each week you should post an update of your progress here for everyone to see. This update doesn’t need to be long or contain code samples (unless you’re mentioning a particularly sticky problem that you want help with). Just a quick summary of what you’ve done the previous week and what you’ll be working on in the coming week. In order to make it easier for mentors to give each student adequate attention, we’ll stagger the days for these official updates instead of having everyone submit them on the same day.

Monday – Anthony and Cesar
Tuesday – Diego and Daniel (both MPTT)
Wednesday – Justin and Rudolf
Thursday – Daryl and Michael (both Theme Editor)
Friday – We (WordPress) will post an update of any upcoming deadlines, scheduled IRC chats, etc.

Though you’ll be working out your individual schedules with your mentors, a general thing for everyone to bear in mind is that it’s expected by the halfway point for you to have a functioning plugin/code that works. The second half of the summer will be spend refining and integrating your work so that by the end of the summer, it is release-ready. For some this will mean scaling back their projects; be realistic when you nail down the final scope of your projects with your mentors.

As your first student assignment, please post an introduction here by the end of the week, telling everyone where you’re from (time zones are important to know for scheduling IRC chats), what your background is, what you’ll be working on this summer, and anything else you think we should know. Mentors will likewise post a brief introduction, letting you know who works on what and what their areas of expertise are.

A note about this site, which uses the P2 theme. In addition to using the “Whatcha up to?” post box on the top of the page, you can also compose posts in the regular administration panel at https://gsoc2009wp.wordpress.com/wp-admin if you want to use formatting, such as for code snippets. I’ve also added link to each of the student and mentor blogs/sites in the sidebar. Feel free to edit your link if there’s a different site that you update more frequently. There is a page for each of your projects. Currently these pages just contain the brief description from your application. Once you’ve worked out the final scope and timeline with your mentor, please edit the page for your project and include the revised scope and timeline.

Welcome to WordPress, and good luck with your projects! We are happy to have you here.