Hi everyone. I’ve been checking in with…

Hi everyone. I’ve been checking in with the mentors to make sure everyone is on track. You should all have started coding as of May 23rd according to the Google timeline. So, for those of you who are still revising proposals, this is a gentle reminder that you should be coding by now, and need to wrap up the proposal-revision stage pretty much immediately.

I want to set up a time for each of you to be in IRC to answer community questions about your project/Q&A. It should happen sometime within the next two weeks, so please leave a comment on this post with dates/times that would work for you, and I’ll put together a schedule and publish it on the wordpress.org development blog.

I’m glad to see that Anthony, César and Diego have posted their required updates here on the days assigned to them. Now that we are in the coding stage, everyone needs to post at least one update per week on their specified day from the first post on this blog. Additional posts may be made as frequently as you like. Now that we are in the coding phase, backup mentors will be paying attention to this blog to keep an eye on projects and help out as needed.

Remember that by midterm, your work needs to be functional, with the second half of term devoted to adding functionality, testing, revision cycles, and eventual integration as needed, in order for Google to pay your midterm stipend.

Good luck, and happy coding!