Today is Wednesday so it’s time for my …

Today is Wednesday so it’s time for my status update.

On the planning side of things:

I pretty much have in mind what I want to do and how it should be done. I’m also going to setup a nice work schedule for the next few weeks because I work better that way.

I’m waiting on a reply from my mentor for some questions I have. I also move out to a new apartment on Monday so I’ll be getting a proper work area setup away from distractions 😉

On the programming side of things:

I’ve began some working going through query.php to abstract some of the old search functionality. I’ve also began some of the new MySQL Full/Text search plugin programming.

I plan on finishing a basic search plugin separated from the core with the hooks/bells and whistles of searching through other content types and having different flags and then plan to write the sphinx plugin to showcase what kind of search plugins you can build.

So… not much yet but it’s something to report. Next weeks reply should be more in depth.