Weekly Updates: I have just finished th…

Weekly Updates:

I have just finished the modified and more detailed proposal, and I am discussing it with my mentor about the more technical parts of the implementation. I will post the proposal sometime later. As a sneak preview, there are 9 things I will focus on:

Implementation 1. The ‘Album’ post_type.
Implementation 2. The separation between ‘images’ and ‘photos’.
Implementation 3. The ‘Photostream’.
Implementation 4. The shortcode [album id={id}]
Implementation 5. Zip-upload functionality.
Implementation 6. Album Pages.
Implementation 7. Photo Sorting Interface.
Implementation 8. Clean URLs for Photos.
Implementation 9. More distinct buttons for adding photos.

I am working extended hours to catch up the missed planning time due to my exams last three weeks, but everything seems to be heading towards a great direction.