Hello for all, In the last week, I modi…

Hello for all,

In the last week, I modified the class Walker for print tree data in Categories. I wrote the code the method “walk” in the new MPTT_Walker class, and was not necessary modify the Walker_Category class.

I modified the algorithm for walk, with a “lineal” version of the old walk method. I deleted the method display_element in Walker class, because it use recursive calls in each father node.

After I know that everything works, I will add special options (maximum depth or show a flat version of the hierarchical data) in MPTT_Walker class and the new mptt_get_terms function.

Now, for this week I will write code for modify the hierarchical data (add, edit and delete nodes), and code the plugin functions for add or delete the new fields (left and right) in the tables with hierarchical data.

If you have any question, post it :).

Bye bye and happy coding 😛