Hello all, It’s Wednesday again so her…

Hello all,

It’s Wednesday again so here I go…

My weekly update can mostly be described as tinkering and some discussion. It’s been a busy week as I have graduated and moved to an apartment. But I have managed to get the ball rolling (I think) on this project.

At my mentor Andy and I realized that passing the results to the loop were not the best idea since we are passing more then just posts and thats what the loop is really built for. After some discussion Matt had the idea to implement a [search] shortcode that could be placed in a page which would then be replaced with the results. I’m working with this implementation now.

Overall I’ve done these three things

  • I have cleaned up a bit of my code which was needed since I am still getting familar with WordPress’s many functions (especially in query.php) and files and.
  • I’ve separated just the beginning of a search routines to a search.php plugin
  • Replacement of [search] search code with results and impvoving my search api

With a the goals for next time:

  • adding in code to search the comments and return them
  • improve api
  • return semantic HTML

Good luck to everyone else!