Hey All, Sorry for not updating everyone…

Hey All,
Sorry for not updating everyone on Wednesday. I was in the middle of hacking through the permalinks and templates. As you all know, you cannot really stop when you start to code.
Anyway, as Mark has suggested, I have been working on the permalinks and adding template file recognitions. I have implemented several things:
1. /photos/ and /?photostream=1 now point to the photostream, which basically shows all the photos of the blog.
2. /album/ and /?album=id now point to an album. The system also recognizes album.php as the template file for displaying albums.
3. /photos/id and /?photo=id now points to a photo. The system recognizes photo.php as the template for displaying a single photo.
4. I also routed /attachment/id to /?attachment_id=id.
See it in action: http://www.rudolflai.com/projects/wordpress/