Hey Guys, My PC got infected and had to…

Hey Guys,

My PC got infected and had to reformat my harddrive :(. Installed Windows 7 RC, working fine as of now. Anyways regarding the update, Started work with Builder (BuildPress :P), me and my mentor decided to keep the builder simple which takes users input in steps.
jQuery CSS Framework couldn`t satifsy our needs, since it does not have a complete set of classes for us to use.

For Now :
1. Stepwise Builder proposed and implementation on full swing. 3 Steps, 1st Step – Structure of template, 2nd step – Cosmetic changes for template (colors, fonts), 3rd step – port to wordpress

2. Integrated YUI Grids with the builder.

3. As changes are made with the builder, preview of the layout is shown in real time. (needs more polishing)

To do in the coming week:
Decide on how to compile the layout to wordpress theme format
Decide on a proper cosmetic changes CSS Framework