Ok, here is my update, Last week has be…

Ok, here is my update,

Last week has been a lil slow but productive.

1. Added ability to have 4 different sidebars to the layout (top, bottom, left, right)

2. Ability to have different amount of columns in the content area.

3. Added ability to change font size, font color and font of headers, paragraphs for the theme. A color picker has been integrated for simple choice of colors for different headers and paragraphs.

4. Still working on how the data needs to be ported to build a theme structure. I and my mentor decided we`ll use the database to store the options and pull out respectively (although still pondering on more options)

Need to do this week
1. Create a skeleton Theme for WP on which Buildpress will work.

2. Need more cosmetic changes. As of now only fonts, font colors and font size has been integrated. Need to integrate background color and other css stuff

Thats all for now 🙂 later