Hello, this week I worked on a class for…

Hello, this week I worked on a class for update the tree, this class include an algorithm for reindex tree (when you migrate from the old method for get tree data), update a node when WP add a new category or edit an existent category.

But I have a problem when a category was deleted , the action hook (called delete_category) doesn’t show the right and left field of the deleted category, for solve it I execute the method for reindex, but I think that is bad because use some resources. Maybe I will modify the delete_category hook to show data in the category before it is removed.

I added a column called depth, only for get more faster the tree data (I need prove it).

For the next week, I will add functions for install and remove the plugin, better code for my mptt_walker class [I have a problem when max_depth is active] and I will search code for make tests.

Bye byeeeee