I’m a wee bit behind with exams and suc…

I’m a wee bit behind with exams and such (and updating everyone to my status) 🙂 but this is what we’ve basically decided to do with my project after a conversation between Andy, Myself, and Jake.

We are assuming here that users are already registered and the site is already set up similar to wordcamp.org. The scope of the project is going to be to allow users to create/RSVP to events and within those events, either watch or attend events. We’ll add more on if there’s time.

I’ve started coding the basic framework of the project and I’ve got a chunk of the core classes done.

I’m trying to get something to show as soon as possible for everyone, because I know there’s heaps of people excited to see it and I’m anxious to see how the final product looks as well, so I’m just going to keep on coding the night away in the cold somwhat snow-filled winter we’re currently experiencing here (roads/school closed, quite fun).