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  • Daryl Koopersmith 2:55 pm on July 31, 2009 Permalink
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    Hey all. This past week centered around … 

    Hey all. This past week centered around developing and building a UI for the editor. The UI is focused on being consistent and extensible, so that when features are added they will pop in smoothly. Save and load are both up and running, so the editor (which is currently running with an older, stable version of the framework) can now be used from start to finish.

    For the beginning of the week, I’m shifting gears to focus on the framework. The plan is to develop it until it is stable, and then bring the editor up to speed. From there on out, most of my work will be focused on cleaning and optimizing some of the editor core, and adding features to both the editor and the framework.

  • Rudolf Lai 4:56 am on July 31, 2009 Permalink  

    I was originally planning to release a n… 

    I was originally planning to release a new patch yesterday. In fact, I have already finished it. The new one comes with a better UI for manipulating the albums, several bug fixes, and an implementation of the [album id=] shortcode.
    Then I discovered that there is a major change in the trunk, namely the addition of the trash system. So my apologies, but the patch is now delayed. I am working on putting the trash functions in now.

  • Justin Shreve 11:19 pm on July 29, 2009 Permalink
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    It’s just been another week of document… 

    It’s just been another week of documentation stuff. I cleaned up some of the comments and generated some documentation on the source code.

    I’m also working on writing a tutorial on how to write a new search plugin so developers can follow along. I’m killing two birds one stone because I’ll be building the Sphinx plugin along side it. (It’ll be on how to build the basic sphinx plugin from scratch).

  • diegocaro 4:43 am on July 29, 2009 Permalink
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    Hello everyone, this week i’m making th… 

    Hello everyone, this week i’m making the code for pages, and migrating the mptt plugin to the core of WordPress (for get a patch).

    I’m still reading and trying to get more performance for get the tree.

    Bye bye!

  • Dan Larkin 2:00 am on July 29, 2009 Permalink
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    Paged comments are proving to be much mo… 

    Paged comments are proving to be much more difficult than they would seem, due to the original code’s convolution. Still trying to figure out how to adapt it to use MPTT without breaking compatibility (at least too much), and if any of the possible solutions offer enough performance gain to be worth it.

  • Rudolf Lai 2:30 am on July 28, 2009 Permalink  

    Just curious, when you add things to the… 

    Just curious, when you add things to the core, do you guys tag it as @since 2.9? I tag it as @since GSOC 2009 but I want some opinion on this. Cheers

    • Beau 2:35 am on July 28, 2009 Permalink

      If/when something is added to core it should ideally be tagged with @since, yes. You should probably just leave it blank for now though, because even if your code is ready for the next version, a committer might not get to it in time (leading to incorrect information, which is worse than no information).

    • DD32 8:19 am on July 28, 2009 Permalink

      Have a look at some of the code in the admin, and it’ll be: “@since unknown” Another way would be to replace it with “@since gsoc-2009-unknown-version-REPLACE” or some similar value thats unique, Just to make it easy for a find/replace by the commiter. If you’ve only a few functions, leaving it as unknown is fine.. but if its a lot, and you’re writing the docs, just use a unique string

    • Rudolf Lai 11:27 am on July 28, 2009 Permalink

      Hey thanks for the reply guys. I guess the @since tag is not really for me then, since for any code changes Mark ( or for that matter, any committer ) can easily know via the .diff patch. I was documenting the new code today and I thought I should put the @since tag in for the sake of completion.
      P.S. I will issue a new patch soon.

  • Rudolf Lai 2:19 am on July 28, 2009 Permalink  

    This week I have been mainly sorting out… 

    This week I have been mainly sorting out the data sanitization issues, and cleaning up the code ( merging redundant functions etc. ) I have also been adding comments ( documentation ) to the code. The project has all the basic functionality at the moment, though there is still a lot of room for improvement and polishing. Good luck to the rest of your projects!

  • Daryl Koopersmith 10:03 pm on July 24, 2009 Permalink
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    Hey everyone, This week has seen some m… 

    Hey everyone,

    This week has seen some major progress: I’ve considerably extended the framework’s capabilities, and have completely overhauled the editor’s backend. Customized files are now formatted to be easily readable, and the backend has been separated into three main components: the plugin page, theme customization, and theme install/upgrade. The editor’s theme installer/upgrader is working properly, so installing both the editor and the framework is now unnecessary.

    For the coming week, I’m going to focus on improving the editor’s UI / workflow, including integrating the save/load frontend. In addition, I’ll continue to expand the framework—I’ll be working on page defaults and adding missing features, such as context-sensitive headers and dynamic classes.

    Fun stuff. Hope everyone’s projects are going well.

  • César D. Rodas 8:58 pm on July 24, 2009 Permalink
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    Hello, Sorry for my later update. My pr… 


    Sorry for my later update. My project has huge updates since my last report, the most notable are a better UI interface for configuration and the way to append/extend it without modify the core properly.

    The project has two major areas where it could be extended. The most notable is the DataCollector, as you might know in order to work with Recommendations there must a be a set of inputs to analyze (this is not a really hard task since WP has a bunch of hooks), this base class automatically loads sub-classes placed on a given folder (by default ./collectors/) and register all the needed hooks. Just take a look about how easy is to use it http://github.com/crodas/BuddyPress-Recommendation-Engine/blob/66c4586b725e369c297af7585211b7108c296f0e/bp-recommendation/collectors/blogs_visitor.php, it basically registers a single hook (“loop_end”) then it ensures that it is a single page, user is logged and that user being different that the post writer, then the result is stored “somewhere”.

    The other way to extend the project it’s writing a DataCollectorStorage, as its name denotes, it is the way how the DataCollector are stored “somewhere”. It is very important since it might be a huge bottleneck and it might be used carefully. I wrote a sample class that store all the data in the harddriver (in regular files), http://github.com/crodas/BuddyPress-Recommendation-Engine/blob/66c4586b725e369c297af7585211b7108c296f0e/bp-recommendation/collectors_storage/disk.php this isn’t the best best approach for large sites, but it is useful as an example.

    In the UI interface, the site admin could choose what DataCollectors and DataCollectorStorage use, also DataCollectorStorage might have configuration variables, for instance the DiskStorage subclass has a single configuration variable (save directory).

    Right now is missing implement some algorithms, in order to do this is missing a real dataset. Probably (I’ll talk to Andy) it could be installed on the testbp sandbox site (at least some datacollectors).

    Happy hacking to all.

  • Justin Shreve 4:50 pm on July 22, 2009 Permalink
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    Hello, Right now I am working on some o… 


    Right now I am working on some of the documentation aspects of the project. I am working on the README right now to include the installation directions, description, uninstall etc. I am then going to try to write some developer documentation for adding new plugins.

    In addition, once the README is written I am going to have Andy post about my plugin to try to get some testing going on.

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