Hi everyone. As you know, this is midter…

Hi everyone. As you know, this is midterm week. Evaluations begin today and will be finalized by the 13th. You may recall from the very first post on this blog that there were three basic expectations of everyone:
1. Work directly with your mentor to define your plan of action and begin executing it;
2. Post an update at least weekly on this blog; and the big one,
3. “It’s expected by the halfway point for you to have a functioning plugin/code that works. The second half of the summer will be spend refining and integrating your work so that by the end of the summer, it is release-ready. For some this will mean scaling back their projects; be realistic when you nail down the final scope of your projects with your mentors.”

Your mentors will be evaluating you on the quality of your code and how well you met the above-mentioned expectations in relation to your project proposals and/or revised project plans from the first interim period. Here’s what Google says about evaluations:

How do evaluations work?

Google will pre-publish the evaluation questions for both students and mentors. Mentors will fill out mid-term and final evaluations for their students via the Google Summer of Code 2009 site. These evaluations will be visible in the system to the mentor and the mentoring organization’s administrator(s). Students will fill out a mid-term and final evaluation of their mentors online as well, and their evaluations will only be visible in the system to the mentoring organization’s administrator(s). Program administrators from Google will have access to all evaluation data.

In almost all cases, students will never see their mentor’s evaluation of their progress, nor will a mentor see a student’s evaluation of her/his mentorship. However, in the case where the mentoring organization’s administrator and a student’s mentor are one and the same, the student’s evaluation will be shared with the mentor. Organization administrators are expected to review mid-term and final evaluations and to provide course corrections where necessary.

In some cases, Google’s program administrators may need to share the results of evaluations with the student and mentor, such as to arbitrate when payment should not be made; should this need arise, all parties will be notified in advance.

The evaluation links on the GSoC site should go live today.