Ok, Here is the update. I`ll be soon p…


Here is the update.

I`ll be soon posting a link to the very early dev version of Buildpress (need to confirm with Mr.Andrew).
The latest updates include

working Create New Theme (with the Buildpress Builder UI)

  • features 8 differnt types of layouts (2 cols, 3cols with 2 fully widgetized sidebars + Top and Bottom Banners)
  • 3 types of page size (viz fixed 750px, 950px and liquid – 100%)
  • Customizable Fonts, colors and sizes (for the demo only h1,h2,h3,p are featured). More customizations will be included.

Completely AJAX powered,

  • working Delete Theme action
  • working Activate Theme action

The “Buildpress Builder” which is the UI that will help create layouts, has 2 panels viz Panel-1 = layout of the theme, Panel-2 = Cosmetics of the theme. (currently the panels are populated with just test variables, you can play with em :))

Buildpress uses the WP options table instead of an own table to store individual theme settings. This will help it perform much faster since the options are autoloaded at start of WP.

I am currently working on a bit of the cosmetics for rendering themes. Will post a link soon 🙂