Hey All,

Edit II: Here is the patch. Apply it on a fresh copy of WordPress rev. 11691, run the setup, and you can play with the new features. Remember to enable  permalinks to see the nice URLs in effect. This is a working alpha, so please tell me when there is a bug somewhere. Several things are still missing. The code still needs to be optimized. But its working. Thanks!

Edit: Okay… finished coding. Will take a break and do a final check of different parts of the code, then I will submit it here.

I am nearly done coding a working alpha version of wordpress which can handle photos and photo albums. I will release the code soon, but probably a bit later than the 1900 UTC deadline. My apologies; I have just received my high school public examination results half an hour ago. These few days have been tense and I made minimal progress.

Anyway. New functions and functionality:

Front end:

  1. Viewing a particular photo via /photos/ or ?photo}{id}
  2. Viewing a particular album via /album/{id} or ?album={id}
  3. Viewing all photos via /photos/ or ?photostream=1
  4. Photo and Album templates in themes, photo.php and album.php
  5. Added nice permalinks for attachments /attachment/{id}. This will hope to replace ?attachment_id={id}

Back end:

  1. Allows the user to set the base for photo URLs and album URLs. This creates the potential of turning wordpress into portfolio sites.
  2. Uploading files and setting them to be either a PHOTO or an non-post-specific attachment using flash and html upload methods.
  3. Added Photos tab in Media Library. Allows users to view, edit and delete photos.
  4. Allows the user to create albums.
  5. Allows the user to associate / dissociate a photo with multiple albums.

Functions and functionality not yet implemented, but in development:

  1. .zip upload
  2. Searching Albums and Photos
  3. Deleting albums, as well as deleting photos from an album.
  4. Drag and Drop photo sorting interface
  5. Cosmetics