Buildpress v0.1 Build 

It hasn`t been a great week as of yet,but lets hope the coming weeks are any better.
Finally I have got a nod from Mr.Andrew and so here are the updates

Buildpress v0.1.1 Updates
It is first and foremost a completely dynamic Theme Builder + Framework (for the devs)

Edit : Modified the color picker as suggested by Scribu.

Download Here – Buildpress v0.1.1

Features :

  • Buildpress Builder UI Features.
    1. Width of the theme (750px, 950px, 100%)
    2. the general coloumn layout (2cols,3cols and many permutations incl. 1sidebar or 2sidebar)
    3. Banners top and bottom (useful for text, ads)
    4. Theme Style (theme css Repository, can add custom css too)
    5. Widget Style (widget css repository, can add custom css too)
    6. Color Scheme (Dynamic color scheme for the whole Theme + Widget Style)
    7. h1,h2,h3,p – font,font-size,colors
    8. Custom Theme Background color
    9. Live Preview of your Theme
  • Add/Save Theme
  • Ability to define custom callbacks to render the famous WP Loop, page, archive, single, comments etc
  • Repository of  Theme Styles and Widget Styles. Ability to create custom CSS styles based on our CSS Framework.

The progress is going well, we are planning to include more user oriented functions and strengthen our framework for other devs to create a good repo for theme creation.

Waiting for your precious feedback 🙂 And please let me know if you find any bugs.