Hello Everyone, WordPress is great and …

Hello Everyone,

WordPress is great and I have never enjoyed coding like this before 🙂
Buildpress development is going very good.
The latest version has lot of changes and new enhancements

1. Completely revamped “more organized” UI
2. Every Theme has 4 areas where a User can modify in viz “Layout”, “Design”, “Color”, “Typography”
3. Buildpress now uses a “6-Color Scheme idea” to power its theme colors etc. There are already predefined color-schemes to choose from including ones User’s can create (still working on, the creation of new schemes).
4. Contains “Custom Header module (AJAXED upload+Cropper)” but currently disabled as I haven`t been able to decide how to use this feature
5. Themes look good, usable and completely Customizable 🙂

Todo : Edit (which will be over in a day or 2)

Code Optimization is being done as coding is being done.

Cheers guys 🙂