Earlier in this week of code I worked on…

Earlier in this week of code I worked on developer documentation which is included as part of the README. It talks about some of the basics of building a search plugin. I also created a “dummy” plugin which can be downloaded by developers to base their own search plugins off of.

I also delt with some minor issues that were reported by some users who downloaded the program.

I added another option for search plugin authors. Before you could disable ‘filters’ or enable which included ordering/sorting. I now made this a separate option so you can have filters (filtering by comment, post, page) and not ordering or ordering and no filtering.

I then worked on and finished the basic ‘Sphinx Search Plugin’ which is a basic plugin that utilizes both the Search API and Sphinx. It allows for filtering by content and an advanced search query syntax (searching just titles with @title, etc). The code for this has been written as well as a README. I’ll be submitting it has a different plugin as it comes with some additional files (a .conf file for sphinx, the sphinx api, and it’s own installation directions since you need to install sphinx server side). The Sphinx Search plugin will be located at http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/sphinx-search/ once it has been approved.

Right now I’m just about about to shoot off an email to Andy and then off to finish the remaining pieces of the project that I want to finish before Sunday/Monday:

  • Proof read the README’s for any mistakes
  • Add some screen shots for the plugin directory (so users can get a feel of how the plugin works and any other “marketing”
  • Verify the uninstall / install process works smoothly
  • Fix any additional bugs I run across.
  • Do a final sweep to try to make the code more efficient, etc.