Hey everyone. The past week has seen quite a few improvements to both the framework and the editor. Both are now relatively stable and working together, which is pretty exciting. A big thanks to everyone who tuned in to the dev chat—it was great to talk to you guys and answer your questions.

elastic- can be downloaded here: http://code.google.com/p/elastictheme/downloads/list
For those of you that downloaded the editor during the dev chat, this should fix the issue in 0.0.2 where the UI wouldn’t load properly.

I’m going to try and pack in a bunch of new features/improvements before Monday, which is where you guys come in. Let me know what you’d like to see! I’d love to know what you feel would make Elastic most effective.

Here are some of the features I’m planning on adding. All of them probably won’t make it into the editor by Monday, but hopefully a few will. 🙂

[Editor] Typography: Let the user select fonts for the headers and body. This is in progress.

[Editor] Backgrounds: Let the user select background colors (for the body and modules). Background images will eventually be supported (with potential integration with the media uploader), but not by Monday.

[Editor] Fix Whitespace Rendering: Currently, the editor does not render whitespace between modules correctly. Whitespace will basically serve as the editor’s implementation of margins. This is not a simple addition, and will come with a slew of other improvements.

[Framework] Customized Headers: The headers in the framework are very sparse. This will improve by Monday.

[Framework] Better Defaults: Most of the framework’s default views (html and css) are derived from Ian Stewart’s Shape theme (Thematic’s leaner cousin). I’d like to have some more customized defaults, but now may not be the time.

It’s crunch time! Good luck everyone.