Looks like I am the last. Sorry for the … 

Looks like I am the last. Sorry for the delay, but I am not settling for releasing sub-par work. This new patch is of course subject to bug hunting and further refinement between now and the GSoC deadline. I am still working on the documentation. Please patch it on a new rev. 11804 trunk, as it relies on the installation process to initialize some variables.
I have changed the implementation of albums from using a new post_type to using taxonomies.
Feature overview: you can add / edit / trash photos, add / edit / delete albums, make one album a child of another. Use /photo/ and /album/ permalinks to access the photos, e.g. /photo/ for photostream, /photo/16 for photo with ID 16; /album/gsoc-2009/meetings for the meetings album under gsoc 2009 album.

Please do tell me if there are bugs. I will fix them ASAP. Thanks.