Final evaluations begin today. I know so…

Final evaluations begin today. I know some of you are continuing to work on your projects, but your grade for Google’s sake will be based on what you have as of today. Thank you all for your hard work! It’s been great having you work with us, and we hope you will continue to be involved in the WordPress community. Please be sure to fill in your evaluations for your mentors and the organization (WordPress) when you get the notice from GSoC that they are available. I’ll be following up with each of you individually to get some additional feedback from you about what we can do better to support students next year, as well as to put together a presentation on your GSoC projects that we will publish online.

Feel free to continue using this blog on any projects you are continuing work on, as we’ll leave it open.

Thanks again, and good luck to all of you from all of us!