Currently the search engine included in WordPress is very limited as to what types or categories of data it can locate and how a blog user can employ the system to locate them (search mode). For example, you cannot search blog posts with a simple strategy such as “find A string in category C”. It also doesn’t support advanced boolean search query formats (grouping, OR, NOT, AND). For these reasons, the WordPress search system needs an overhaul and enhancement…

Project Proposal
Schedule of Deliverables

April 20 – May 23

* Additional research into the WordPress code base
* Planning and specification
* Sketch out any additional features

May 23 – June 14

* Begin coding the search base (loading search plug-in on the public side and management on the admin control panel side)

June 14 – July 5th

* Basic MySQL Search
* Sphinx Search
* Google Search
* Live Search + Advanced Search Page

July 6th – July 7th

* Midterm Evaluation

July 6th – July 20th

* Release Beta
* Public testing round w/ bug tracker on blogs with significant content
* Fix bugs as reported

July 20th – July 27th

* Polishing / Fixing Bugs

July 27th – August 10th

* Documentation
* Polishing
* Bug Fixes (if any)

August 10th

* Pencil Down