I wish to modify the current Theme Management in WordPress, by adding a new page (kinda like a ScratchPad) which will enable the Novice/Beginner’s to create their own themes by simply dragging and dropping elements to their Scratch Pad.

I plan to make, creating layouts such as header + 2 coloumed + footer, header+3 coloumed+footer or other styles easier by taking simple inputs from the user and translating them into a layout on the scratchpad in real time.

I plan to use Prototype+Script.aculo.us to help the placing of elements using drag-drop on the scratch pad. Also I plan to write a Custom CSS Framework, which will have a simple interface to change colors of the theme being designed, fonts, etc. (Similar to a ThemeRoller used in JQueryUI which seemed very user friendly and simple to learn).

The above was just a small excerpt of how I plan to go about developing the system, Since my target of Users will be Novice/Beginners who either opt for free themes or pay heavily to get a theme designed, this Project may prove to be a boon to them. I`ll be concentrating on the UI to be as User Friendly as possible and to provide maximum functionality at the same time.

If possible, I plan to make it plugin ready using the awesome WordPress Plugin API, the community can expand it if they wish like.

More about this project can be read here – http://www.visionmasterdesigns.com/proposal