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  • diegocaro 8:29 pm on August 17, 2009 Permalink
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    Hello everyone, since my last update I f… 

    Hello everyone, since my last update I fixed some bugs about upgrade and some strings for update the mysql.

    Finally, I can say that the speedup wasn’t much superior, maybe get the lft and rgt values in the sql queries add more time in the process. But I have a good news, the speedup in Edit Pages section in admin panel have a good acceleration, see the chart: http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=tvUiOf6bEO5A55cMLjbDTdw&output=html

    The last patch is in http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/173207/diff-20090817.patch . Remember, only apply the patch on a test WordPress installation.

    Thanks to all, these months were really good ;).

  • Dan Larkin 7:41 pm on August 12, 2009 Permalink
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    Sorry for delaying my report by a day. … 

    Sorry for delaying my report by a day. I felt it worth it, as I was finishing up on what should hopefully my final patch for the GSoC term (subject to review by other developers and subsequent editing of course) and some performance results.

    The patch applies to rev. 11807. Please feel free to test it out and report any issues you experience. Just don’t trust important data to it yet.

  • diegocaro 7:30 pm on August 10, 2009 Permalink
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    Hi everyone, finally I have the patch fo… 

    Hi everyone, finally I have the patch for MPTT in categories and Pages.

    Download the update-pack in http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/173207/pack_20090810.tar.gz

    The update-pack includes the patch for WordPress (developer version at today), and two plugins called MPTT, and MPTT-test.

    The first plugin MPTT, include a little code for view the tree data in categories and pages (only for view and check the results of add/edit nodes). And with the second plugin MPTT-test, you can insert artificial tree data (hundred and thousands nodes) into categories and get the speedup MPTT V/S Recursive way for get categories.

    Remember install the diff patch only in a not important WordPress installation.

    Bye bye, and good luck with the tests!

  • Dan Larkin 9:43 pm on August 6, 2009 Permalink
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    As promised, here’s an updated patch for… 

    As promised, here’s an updated patch for my MPTT implementation.

    As I warned with previous patches, it’s only been tested on a relatively default install (with all sorts of artificial data of course) on my development machine.  Please do not trust any vital data to it just yet.  I still need to clean up some of the code I think.

    In any case, feedback would be appreciated, especially on ways to prevent data corruption (as was addressed in the IRC meeting).

      • Denis de Bernardy 11:15 pm on August 6, 2009 Permalink

        Per our discussion, double check your move_subtree() function. I haven’t tried it, but if you’ve node A and B, adjacent and both with children, ordered A, B; and switch the two so they’re ordered as B, A; or if you move B as the first/last child of A, or A as the first/last child of B;… you can potentially have edge cases that corrupt your data.

    • Dan Larkin 12:03 am on August 5, 2009 Permalink
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      Early this week I spent some time cleani… 

      Early this week I spent some time cleaning up a bit of my code and documentation. It still needs some work, but I’m saving that for next week most likely. More recently I went to work on comments. We decided that overhauling the way (paged) comments are handled on the whole would be beyond the scope of my project, so they’ll get a more modest update. What that means is that I’m not entirely sure that my MPTT work will offer a significant performance boost. In fact it might actually end up slower. I’m in the process of debugging it now, so I should be testing its validity later this week.

    • diegocaro 7:01 pm on August 4, 2009 Permalink
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      Hi everyone, This week I been patching… 

      Hi everyone,

      This week I been patching the core of WP, and modifying the admin panel for use MPTT (categories and page sections). I will change the recursive mechanism for get the path of a node by the non-recursive way that use MPTT.

      If all go ok, the patch will be ready on the next week.

      Bye bye.

    • diegocaro 4:43 am on July 29, 2009 Permalink
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      Hello everyone, this week i’m making th… 

      Hello everyone, this week i’m making the code for pages, and migrating the mptt plugin to the core of WordPress (for get a patch).

      I’m still reading and trying to get more performance for get the tree.

      Bye bye!

    • Dan Larkin 2:00 am on July 29, 2009 Permalink
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      Paged comments are proving to be much mo… 

      Paged comments are proving to be much more difficult than they would seem, due to the original code’s convolution. Still trying to figure out how to adapt it to use MPTT without breaking compatibility (at least too much), and if any of the possible solutions offer enough performance gain to be worth it.

    • Dan Larkin 7:19 am on July 22, 2009 Permalink
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      Sorry for the late update. This week wa… 

      Sorry for the late update. This week wasn’t all that productive in terms of writing code. I wrote some of the code for adapting MPTT for comments (or rather the other way around), but ran into a snag for paged comments. Since they’re handled differently than categories and pages, and especially since the WP code handling them is much messier, things get a bit tricky. Most of the week has been spent in planning (and checking with Ryan to see if my plans will break stuff that they shouldn’t).

    • Dan Larkin 9:33 pm on July 14, 2009 Permalink
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      Well, a week later and I’ve got a new pa… 

      Well, a week later and I’ve got a new patch. This one includes both some fixes and updates to my previous work on categories as well as a (hopefully) fully-functioning page implementation. This one works from SVN rev. 11716. Once again, it has only undergone testing on my development system and on a near-default WordPress installation, so don’t trust any important data to it. Please to try it out on a test WordPress installation and let me know if anything is broken.

      I hope to get comments finished up within the next week or so as well. From there on out it should just be testing, performance tweaking, and potentially bug-squashing.

      • diegocaro 11:21 pm on July 25, 2009 Permalink

        Great work Dan!, For now, i’m reviewing how to maximize acceleration and fixing some bugs at insert nodes (by name). Can I take the code for get_lft (it is in your patch)?.

        Bye bye.

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