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  • diegocaro 8:29 pm on August 17, 2009 Permalink
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    Hello everyone, since my last update I f… 

    Hello everyone, since my last update I fixed some bugs about upgrade and some strings for update the mysql.

    Finally, I can say that the speedup wasn’t much superior, maybe get the lft and rgt values in the sql queries add more time in the process. But I have a good news, the speedup in Edit Pages section in admin panel have a good acceleration, see the chart: http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=tvUiOf6bEO5A55cMLjbDTdw&output=html

    The last patch is in http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/173207/diff-20090817.patch . Remember, only apply the patch on a test WordPress installation.

    Thanks to all, these months were really good ;).

  • mike 2:42 pm on August 3, 2009 Permalink
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    Hello Everyone, WordPress is great and … 

    Hello Everyone,

    WordPress is great and I have never enjoyed coding like this before 🙂
    Buildpress development is going very good.
    The latest version has lot of changes and new enhancements

    1. Completely revamped “more organized” UI
    2. Every Theme has 4 areas where a User can modify in viz “Layout”, “Design”, “Color”, “Typography”
    3. Buildpress now uses a “6-Color Scheme idea” to power its theme colors etc. There are already predefined color-schemes to choose from including ones User’s can create (still working on, the creation of new schemes).
    4. Contains “Custom Header module (AJAXED upload+Cropper)” but currently disabled as I haven`t been able to decide how to use this feature
    5. Themes look good, usable and completely Customizable 🙂

    Todo : Edit (which will be over in a day or 2)

    Code Optimization is being done as coding is being done.

    Cheers guys 🙂

    • Rudolf Lai 7:42 am on August 4, 2009 Permalink

      Any patch so that we can see?

    • Jane Wells 12:12 pm on August 4, 2009 Permalink

      Hi Michael. Can you please post the updated patch so people can test it out? Thanks. Also, looking back at your original application, you were planning a drag and drop interface. The last build I saw (at midterm) only used form elements for selecting sidebars, etc. Does your current version have drag and drop functionality for restructuring things after the elements have been selected?

      • Micheal B. 7:22 am on August 7, 2009 Permalink

        Hello Jane,
        We (me and my mentor) decided to scrap the drag-drop interface since we thought it wouldn`t be feasible and instead developed a better yet simple version which includes a variety of selectors to create a theme. We decided to change the scope of the project as required so we can offer much more flexibility in creating a theme.

        I have just deployed a demo site with the latest version, just trying to make some security changes so people can view the system without abusing it, if this won`t work, I`ll post the source code here.

        I`ll be continuing to develop this project even after GSoC, so I`ll try to enhance this application as per the community requires.

        Sorry for the delay Jane.

  • diegocaro 4:43 am on July 29, 2009 Permalink
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    Hello everyone, this week i’m making th… 

    Hello everyone, this week i’m making the code for pages, and migrating the mptt plugin to the core of WordPress (for get a patch).

    I’m still reading and trying to get more performance for get the tree.

    Bye bye!

  • César D. Rodas 8:58 pm on July 24, 2009 Permalink
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    Hello, Sorry for my later update. My pr… 


    Sorry for my later update. My project has huge updates since my last report, the most notable are a better UI interface for configuration and the way to append/extend it without modify the core properly.

    The project has two major areas where it could be extended. The most notable is the DataCollector, as you might know in order to work with Recommendations there must a be a set of inputs to analyze (this is not a really hard task since WP has a bunch of hooks), this base class automatically loads sub-classes placed on a given folder (by default ./collectors/) and register all the needed hooks. Just take a look about how easy is to use it http://github.com/crodas/BuddyPress-Recommendation-Engine/blob/66c4586b725e369c297af7585211b7108c296f0e/bp-recommendation/collectors/blogs_visitor.php, it basically registers a single hook (“loop_end”) then it ensures that it is a single page, user is logged and that user being different that the post writer, then the result is stored “somewhere”.

    The other way to extend the project it’s writing a DataCollectorStorage, as its name denotes, it is the way how the DataCollector are stored “somewhere”. It is very important since it might be a huge bottleneck and it might be used carefully. I wrote a sample class that store all the data in the harddriver (in regular files), http://github.com/crodas/BuddyPress-Recommendation-Engine/blob/66c4586b725e369c297af7585211b7108c296f0e/bp-recommendation/collectors_storage/disk.php this isn’t the best best approach for large sites, but it is useful as an example.

    In the UI interface, the site admin could choose what DataCollectors and DataCollectorStorage use, also DataCollectorStorage might have configuration variables, for instance the DiskStorage subclass has a single configuration variable (save directory).

    Right now is missing implement some algorithms, in order to do this is missing a real dataset. Probably (I’ll talk to Andy) it could be installed on the testbp sandbox site (at least some datacollectors).

    Happy hacking to all.

  • Justin Shreve 4:48 pm on June 10, 2009 Permalink
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    I am going to post this a little early t… 

    I am going to post this a little early tonight… It has been a very productive week. Although I have done some minor and major improvements I’ll just outline the main points below:

    1. New Search Index

    I have created a new table for a search index so the data that needs searched can be found much more easily. The index is kept up to date with posts, pages, and comments and contains basic meta data like categories so the flags can easily be searched.

    Sphinx and other tools including the database engine can also just query one table instead of 2 or 3 to find all the content types they want and results can properly be ordered. In addition to the table are a set of functions in the search api that maintain the index.

    2. Search Flags

    All the search flags I wanted to implement work. You can choose a start and end date for results, author, category, title, content, and type (comment, post, page). You can also order results by date and alphabetical currently, working on relevancy for the MySQL search.

    3. Returning Results + Searchbox

    I now have results being returned to me on the search page as well as a search box for searching. This is done with the search code like previously mentioned.

    4. Various Filters/Actions

    Since the whole point is for extendability I have added some filters already such as on the loading of the search plugin, when the search index is changed and when the HTML for the form and results are being created.

    The goals for the next TWO weeks include:

    • Fixing up the results page up visually and add in tools for filtering and ordering.
    • Proper Pagination for results
    • Cleaning up Code
    • An “Advanced Search” page

    I am volunteering at a camp for the next week (thursday-thursday) but will try to find time to get a few of these done. However the update for next week may be shorter.

    I feel like I am making good progress and can easily implement other search engines (sphinx) soon. 🙂

    • Andy 5:13 pm on June 12, 2009 Permalink

      Very promising! Is the code up somewhere?

    • justin 12:21 am on June 13, 2009 Permalink

      Once I clean up a little of the code I think I’ll get it posted somewhere. I have a habit of having a horribly mess when I first get started with something or when I’m playing with things.

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